Indeed offers ways to unpick complexity, to frame uncertainty, and to help build resilience into cities, organizations and for people. As cities start to leverage decentralized expertise, they can embrace a new way of governance in which constituents utilize technology to reinvent―and sometimes overhaul―core processes


AI driven data intelligence

Vault embeddes intelligent technologies like AI and ML within systems that makes processes become more intelligent and can take over repetitive work tasks that used to take hours and do them in minutes. And as systems become more intelligent, it is much easier to digitally integrate them through data, robotic process automation (rpa) and machine learning.

Smart city assesments

Scientific and data centric relevant international methodologies are used to assess assessment to design specific projects related to smart cities. The scientific methodologies allows holistic understanding for assessing and interrelating projects and urban challenges in a specific region and for evaluating the projects potential to generate effects

Program design

With scientific evaluation methodologies to evidence urban value and outcomes, Indeed addresses city requirements and plans out programmes accordingly. With our global design competencies, unique and innovative programmes and solutions are designed on urban studies and measurement frameworks, capitalizing on big data opportunities and creating appropriate, credible and sustainability approaches

Technology dashboard

VAULT encompasses unique ML recommender systems capitalizing on big data technology databases to recommend relevant case studies specific to requirements of various projects. The technology dashboard is embedded with application driven technologies and studies from various technology providers.

Partner database

With almost every function in business processes being automated, services procurement is no exception. Vault has integrated thematic wise 3000+ partner data. The vendor management system maps various capabilities of vendors w.r.t their experience, manpower and financial strength and their location coverage thereby ensuring faster delivery and on ground executions.

Impact assesment

VAULT assess the impacts of the planned project (and its alternatives) on multi-level econometric modelling, and thereby providing accurate level of impact for each of the projects .The interactive VAULT online dashboard also allows real time tracking and operational status of various PAN India projects. The online system checks for various time line adherence on real time basis providing more operational control.